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released 22nd May 2020,

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Guitar & Cigar Box


Dave ( The Hat) is the front man of Essex quirk-pop band The Penguin Party, presenter of the Round At Milligan’s radio show, proprietor of the label Sitting Target Music, and was 2nd guitarist in the New Crawdaddy Club’s resident blues band The Heaters.


Dave spent 15 years as bassist in ‘big in South Korea’, West London based, cult slowcore band Arco, having left* NME darlings Animals That Swim just before they became NME darlings.


Dave is a huge fan of Jamie: “He’s got one of the best, most distinctive voices on the circuit, he writes classic songs that you feel you’ve known for years”, and chuffed to bits to have been asked to play with the bunch of loveable misfits that comprise the Roots Collective.


(*left / been thrown out of. Amounts to the same thing...)   ;o)





Jake (The Dude) born Below the Shard in London, Jake played his first ever gig at the age of 17 in the Cavern Club in Liverpool as guitarist in The Penguin Party, and plays on their albums "Sex Furrniture Warehouse and Other Stories" and "Mesherlek".


He was lead guitarist in battle of the bands winners Curbside Hotel.


He's playing bass with JW&RC till his dad dies and he can take over on lead guitar.


In the national cencus he stated his religion as "Dudeism".  It's a thing. Google it.



Drums & Percussion


James (The Hog) Latest addition and recent drummer with Essex legends Doll Set Tones, James was the final piece in the JW&RC jigsaw, giving them the polished and tight sound they now have.


Besides all of the above, James is a party animal just like the rest of band as he knows it is not just about the playing it is also being friends and being able to party and a little crazy as the whole band is. That is why he loves it and fits in so well.






Vocals & Guitar & Mandolin


Jamie born in Romford in the early 70s, Jamie knew from an early age that music had the power to move him, but it wasn’t until he immersed himself in the sound of the Beatles; Bob Dylan: the Stones & the Doors that he began to write songs as an outlet for his powerful, complex teenage emotions.


Jamie is a prolific songwriter having penned over a thousand songs, in a variety of styles, all charting his life’s progress, taking him through the full range of emotions from the raw power of delta blues; ballads full of passion & longing; songs protesting against the injustices of life, all the way through to real up tempo rockers guaranteed to get even the most jaded toes tapping.


Performing & writing are Jamie’s way of taming his demons & are as natural as life itself to him. He says "this is best band I have ever had I love it"


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